History of Upholstery Fabric Outlet

A Brief History of UFO

Since 1940, there have been many generations of San Diegans that have depended on UFO for all of their upholstery fabric and upholstery accessory needs. It all began with the founder of UFO, Sol Levine. UFO Upholstery Fabric Outlet was originally part of Levine Brothers of New York, and then Los Angeles. As a company, Levine Brothers specialized in dry goods, pillows, and tailoring supplies for a budding mid-20th century economy.

In the 1940's, Sol Levine left Los Angeles, and Levine Brothers, to head south and open up shop in downtown San Diego. It was here that the beginning seeds of UFO were planted. Over the years, UFO moved to various locations in downtown San Diego. Along the way the company always strived to providing San Diego with the same quality products and service on which their reputation had been built.

It was in the early 1960's that Sol's son Norman, and his wife "Robbie", joined the business. It was Norman who was the true creator of UFO Upholstery Fabric Outlet as it stands today. Norman began to move the company away from traditional clothing yardage and into more upholstery and decorative fabric for the home, while Robbie was always an important presence in the company as it continued to evolve.

After several years, Norman brought in Dewey Greaton as a partner in the company in the late 1960's. Dewey and Norman moved the operation to its current location in National City in 1978.

As the years went on and UFO continued to flourish as a company, the need for quality upholstery fabric was recognized in San Diego's North County. to meet this need, the Vista location was opened.

As the legacy of UFO continued to grow, Norman and Robbie's sons, Eric and Dan, entered the business in the 1970's and continue to carrying on the UFO tradition with third partner, Frank Inzunza.

Continuing the legacy started by Sol Levine and then by his son Norman, UFO continues to strive to provide both the highest quality and largest selection of upholstery fabrics and accessories available in San Diego County.

Sol and Leah Levine

Sol and Leah Levine with granddaughter Ann.

Original Downtown location for UFO

Original Downtown San Diego location.

Norman and Robbie Levine

Norman and Robbie Levine. The courting years.

Dewey Greaton the Great One

Dewey "The Great One" Greaton.

Norman and Robbie Levine

Norman and Robbie Levine. The golden years.